What are the industries that we work with?

We have many interesting jobs, partners and candidates!
Find out what we can do and in which countries!

The main business activities we work with

We also work with other fields, the list is not exhaustive!
  • Construction
    Our partners and job seekers offer a full range of construction and related professions!
  • HoReCa
    Hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars and more - if you have experience or need staff, just leave a request!
  • Sales, commerce
    Submit an application and we will find you the ideal job or employee!
  • Manufacturing, agriculture, finance...
    We have so many offers and profiles of motivated employees. Let's work together!
Offices of EU JOB CLUB
Please feel free to write to us, call us and visit us. We also work in many other European countries.
Prospect Petro Grigorenko, 36
02000 Kiev

+380 93 238 5595

Bécsi utca, 5
1052 Budapest

+36 70 779 4173

980, avenue du Peyrat
83310 Grimaud

+33 6 22 35 19 05